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We’ve Got 24/7 Service Ready

One of the most stressful things that can happen is that you have an emergency during an odd time of day or night where it may be difficult for you to get a hold of someone. Because we want all of our customers to stay safe and secure, we at Reliable Locksmiths in Virginia Beach VA actually have 24/7 service available for you to take advantage of. In a spot and need the help of a professional locksmith? Then make sure that you call us at any time of day or night and we’ll take care of it for you.

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We’ve Got Car Lockout Services For You

Getting locked out of your vehicle is frustrating and can make for the start of a day that is even more stressful than you could imagine. Because of that, we at Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA have done everything possible to make sure that we have car lockout services available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way, no matter when or where you get locked out of your vehicle, we’ll get to you quickly and help you to get back on the road.

Thomas Lock and Keys - Master Keys and Transponders

We make and reprogram transponder keys

Keyless entry systems have become quite common to most car owners nowadays. However, technical glitches on the microchips found in these keys can render them useless and ineffective. At Thomas Lock and Keys, we can make new transponder keys and or reprogram already existing ones to make them more secure. We have the latest software required to program and reprogram these keys. If you have lost your car’s keys or would like to have another copy of the same, we do key replacement and duplication at affordable rates.

Evenings Work and Break-in Repairs

Want us to work evenings? Then place a request

Thomas Lock and Keys has consistently been providing quality services at honest rates and with quick turnaround. For us, it is not important how big or small your work is, but what is important is your satisfaction in the results we provide to you. Therefore, we are willing to work for you anytime during the day, especially when your personal schedules are such. If you want us to work evenings, for example, then that is possible. However, you may need to place a request before us for the same.

Letting Thomas Lock and Keys Professionals Deliver

Hundreds of locksmiths are present in the city. Thomas Lock and Keys claims to be a professional from the industry. It is one thing to offer locksmith services and another to be a professional. There is a huge difference between these two things. Professional business conduct is a necessity for service based business. How do we show professionalism? Our management relies on only highly experienced and trained staffs to deliver break-in repairs service. We don’t opt to send our inexperienced employees.

High Quality Locks

New Locks Installation Service Can Be Provided Overnight

Do you need to shift in your new house urgently? In this case, the first thing you need to take care of is the locks installation. We can help you by delivering our professional new locks installation service overnight. That’s right, we will send a team of 4 individuals who can complete the locks installation task in couple of hours. Our Locksmith in Virginia Beach has gained competitive edge in the industry by keeping experienced and skilled employees.

More about us

Thomas Lock and Keys @ Open 24-7 has been a family owned and operated business since opening its doors in 2000.  We serve the greater Virginia Beach communities with industry leading standards and services second to none.

Bedroom Door Locks

Locksmith Virginia Beach VA provides solutions for all of your locksmith needs from home and office to automobiles.   Whether it’s a simple lockout to having your home's single cylinder locks changed we do it.  If you have a high-security double dead bolt system replaced or need new transponder keys call us and have it done right the first time.  We even know how to open safes and vaults.   Locksmith Virginia Beach VA also has an interesting specialty.  We've become an experts in bedroom locks.  We can install a remote controlled lock to

Are there locksmith available on call 24/7?

Most locksmiths are available 24/7 due to the nature of the business. You never know when someone will be locked out of his or her belongings. Some locksmiths even have mobile units that can come out to your locations versus an office location that can be visited. The open availability is beneficial to both the business and the client to assure that there is help in case of emergency. Like most of these cases, there are peak times and slow times and emergency times as well. The 24/7-operation locksmith is equipped to handle it all.

What are the typical locks locksmiths unlock?

Residential and commercial locksmiths unlock home and car doors. Some locksmiths unlock safes and others can unlock office equipment. Locksmiths that have some more technical skills and abilities that can unlock things like safes and electronic keypads. These locksmiths can do these action may charge a different rate then your regular locksmith. The most popular over all those are the residential and automotive locks that need to be unlocked by locksmith. Other locks that can be unlocked by a locksmith are high security locks, electronical keypads, high tech safes, and even padlocks.

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