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We have spent over a decade in business serving as one of the top Virginia Beach, VA locksmith companies, providing automotive, residential, commercial, and emergency services. Though known for our lightning fast 20-minute response times and fully loaded vans running up and down the streets, neither is the reason My Virginia Beach Locksmith is the locksmith Virginia Beach, VA trusts when they need reliable locksmith services. People come to us because we offer honest prices and guarantee a high level experience, no matter the situation. Professionally trained technicians are always up-to-date on the latest locksmith technology and methodology and are we are never satisfied until you are. For dependable quality, give us a call.

My Virginia Beach Locksmith - Service in Virginia Beach, VA

My Virginia Beach Locksmith residential services help keep your most valuable possessions safe. Our team of trained professionals install locks, including deadbolts and rekey doors and complete top-notch lock repairs for greater security. Use us as a commercial locksmith to install keyless entry systems, panic/exit devices and master key services. Our high quality work helps ensure your employees feel safe and sensitive information is secure. When you need a car locksmith for a duplicate key, problems with your ignition key or a lockout, call us for prompt service and fair pricing. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night or early morning, our incredible 24 hour emergency service means we are there for you when you need us most. Professionally trained technicians will be there with all the tools required to handle the simplest or most difficult jobs. Do not settle for anything best than the best locksmith service in Virginia Beach, VA.
Over the years technology has improved and cars have become increasingly secure. This has made theft and burglary more difficult....
There are a number of products on the market right now that utilize the added value of a smartphone. We can...
Commercial Locksmith Virginia Beach has a commercial division that is different from all of our other services because it provides...
All calls with any kind of lock and key emergency can be answered within 20 minutes. A talented locksmith representative...

Reliable and Trustworthy Car Locksmith in Virginia Beach, VA

As the premier car locksmith Virginia Beach depends on, we know how difficult it can be when something goes wrong with your vehicle. That’s why our expert technicians are trained in a wide range of automotive locksmith services. We provide replacement car keys on site, which is very helpful in situations of a jammed or broken ignition key or during vehicle lockouts, and can even duplicate and program a transponder key. There’s no need to go to the dealership to pay unnecessarily high prices when we are here to provide the same services, but for much fairer pricing and higher quality service.

Tailored Residential Services

Your home is the place where you should feel safest in Virginia Beach, VA. It’s where you and your loved ones can be comfortable and where your personal possessions are kept. The locksmith residential services we provide are personalized for your security needs. We install, replace and provide maintenance for residential door locks and can set up intercoms and camera systems. We also provide re-key lock services for greater peace of mind when moving into a new home or apartment. Regardless of experiencing a home lockout or you simply need a set of duplicate keys for the back door, we are the right locksmith to do it.

20 Minute response time


Top notch staff and hardware


Committed to the highest standards


Professional care for locks and keys


24 Hour dependable service


Over 18 years of experience

What our customers say:
Brandon Sellers
45 Reviews
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The technicians from My Virginia Beach Locksmith did a great job, they were polite, pleasant and very professional... I was extremely happy with their work and recommend them highly.
Erica Wester
122 Reviews
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I have used them several times in the past and hey have always been very professional and helpful. My Virginia Beach Locksmith has always been flexible in adapting to our requirements and budgets.
Gavin Towers
18 Reviews
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The service was quick and efficient and I felt as though I'd definitely recieved my money's worth. I would like to thank My Virginia Beach Locksmith for the wonderful service.
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Trouble-Free Commercial Locksmith Services

Call us for commercial lockouts and get timely reentry into your building. Need high level security for your business? We install security locks and can make sure you have commercial door locks that properly restrict and/or grant access to the right people. We are the commercial locksmith that can help you with a number of services.

Choose the Best 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

There are few things worse than being unable to get inside of your office, home or car. Whether you’ve misplaced your keys or lost them entirely, turn to us in the event of an emergency lockout – a certified technician will be right there. When our expert technician arrives, they will immediately access the situation and provide you with the best locksmithing service to give you back into your building, safe, file cabinet or vehicle. There’s never a right time for an emergency to pop up, so call on our 24 hour lock service whenever you need an emergency car locksmith.

Behind the Locksmith


Posts by My Virginia Beach Locksmith

Letting My Virginia Beach Locksmith Professionals Deliver

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Hundreds of locksmiths are present in the city. My Virginia Beach Locksmith claims to be a professional from the industry. It is one thing to offer locksmith services and another to be a professional. There is a huge difference between these two things. Professional business conduct is a necessity for service based business. How do we show professionalism? Our management relies on only highly experienced and trained staffs to deliver break-in repairs service. We don’t opt to send our inexperienced employees. The break-in repair task is complex which is why we send our best technicians.

High Quality Locks

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Do you need to shift in your new house urgently? In this case, the first thing you need to take care of is the locks installation. We can help you by delivering our professional new locks installation service overnight. That’s right, we will send a team of 4 individuals who can complete the locks installation task in couple of hours. Our Locksmith in Virginia Beach has gained competitive edge in the industry by keeping experienced and skilled employees. It allows us to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction with the delivery of our services and products.

Purchase High Quality Patio Door Locks From Us

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Not any kind of lock can be installed at the patio door. Manufacturers come up with specially designed locks for the purpose of security at patio doors. Our Locksmith in Virginia Beach gains only highest standards of patio door locks from worldwide known brands. The delivery of lock can be made at your doorstep whenever you want. You can get to know the details about features, specs, functioning and price over the phone. Feel free to ring us at 757-251-9186. Our staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Bedroom Door Locks

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Locksmith Virginia Beach VA provides solutions for all of your locksmith needs from home and office to automobiles. Whether it’s a simple lockout to having your home’s single cylinder locks changed we do it. If you have a high-security double dead bolt system replaced or need new transponder keys call us and have it done right the first time. We even know how to open safes and vaults. Locksmith Virginia Beach VA also has an interesting specialty. We’ve become an experts in bedroom locks. We can install a remote controlled lock to your bedroom. Think about it, being able to lock the door at the push of a button. Pretty , pretty cool stuff! The possibilities are beyond what we can discuss on a family oriented website. All of the locksmiths at Locksmith Virginia Beach VA are fully trained and certified by the leading makers of locks and programmable chip keys. The training they receive makes a difference. While other locksmiths might arrive and start thumbing through a owners manual looking for the codes and instructions, we’ll have the job finished and be on our way. We are a fully licensed and insured locksmith and also operate an emergency 24hr fast response service. Call us for straight answers to your questions and low prices.

My Virginia Beach Locksmith Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA

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Are you searching for the best magnetic locks in the market? Well you have landed on the right page. Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA is able to make a discount offer on its entire range of magnetic lock devices. We love to educate our customers. There are two types of magnetic devices: electric suited and non-electric. Both work with electricity supply. However, the non-electric magnetic devices stop performing all their functions with absence of electricity. The price is different for both the types. Further price differentiation is done on brand name, features and year of manufacturing.

Locks Installation Task For Businesses

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Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA is offering its professional locksmith services from last 22 years. We started by offering only lock installation service. Today, our service collection exhibits more than 50 unique solutions. New locks installation service has been taken to next level by making positive changes in the operational strategy. We send a team of experts at your location to perform the task. Business sites needing to install more than 50 or 100 locks are not an issue for us. We guarantee to complete the task in only few hours. That’s how effective we have become in the recent times.

Peephole For The Security Of Your Wife & Kids

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Man has to earn for the family by going outside. That has been the story of man’s life since ever. Leaving the kids and wife behind at home for going to work is a norm around the globe. Don’t you want your family to live in secure environment when you are away? If the answer is yes, we would like to recommend you to make a small investment by going for peephole installation. Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA has all kinds of peepholes which come in various sizes, shapes, designs and colors. Give your family the best you can.

Broken Keys Have To Be Removed Carefully

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When a broken key is present inside the lock, the situation is a potential threat to device’s mechanism. You don’t have the key’s outer area to remove it in a fine manner. Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA performs the particular task with utmost attention and care. We guarantee to cover the cost of lock if any damage occurs during the key removal process. Please feel absolutely no hesitation in asking any questions. Dial 757-251-9186 and hire remove broken keys service from us. We aim to impress you with our professional service standards.

Want us to work evenings? Then place a request

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My Virginia Beach Locksmith has consistently been providing quality services at honest rates and with quick turnaround. For us, it is not important how big or small your work is, but what is important is your satisfaction in the results we provide to you. Therefore, we are willing to work for you anytime during the day, especially when your personal schedules are such. If you want us to work evenings, for example, then that is possible. However, you may need to place a request before us for the same. We have a dedicated team providing all kinds of services in the evenings. So it is possible to accept your request.

Our experts can help you with break-in repairs services within your budget

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Break-in repairs services are must required when you are faced with situations like broken windows or doors. To get the best services possible you need to get in touch with My Virginia Beach Locksmith Our services are such that you will have the broken parts repaired in a matter of minutes and within your budget. Furthermore, these services will be delivered to you by our friendly and experienced technicians that are specifically trained on works like these. When you place an order for these services, expect our professionals to visit your place and do the needful in a systematic way. Our services can be had 24/7.

Gun Locks Can Save Your Life In An Effective Manner

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Life can become a nightmare anytime without giving a warning even. Just imagine the situation where a stranger or a relative has used your gun to execute his/her vicious plans. You could be arrested for murder charges or robbery. Gun locks are what separate you from any such incident. Keeping a gun is an easy thing. However, managing to make it safe for everybody is a high risk task. My Virginia Beach Locksmith has the availability of more than 30 different gun locks. Our technicians could show you on how to use it. Get in contact right away.

High Security Locks Are Essential To The Business Community

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Focusing on business strategies requires no worries at all. Mind needs to stay free from all kinds of burdens. One cannot succeed with is business if the security concerns keep bothering. The high security locks is your solution if you experience such a situation. Every business place needs to be protected with use of this device. It has unbelievable ability of ensuring theft proof security conditions My Virginia Beach Locksmith is able to offer decent price for latest devices in the market. Our staff can help you in detail at 757-251-9186.

My Virginia Beach Locksmith - Master Keys and Transponders

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Keyless entry systems have become quite common to most car owners nowadays. However, technical glitches on the microchips found in these keys can render them useless and ineffective. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we can make new transponder keys and or reprogram already existing ones to make them more secure. We have the latest software required to program and reprogram these keys. If you have lost your car’s keys or would like to have another copy of the same, we do key replacement and duplication at affordable rates.

Want to install master key systems? We can help

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Do you have a bunch of keys? What would happen if you lost all these keys at once? You will definitely lose access to many places at once. This can easily cripple all your activities considering that to have all these keys made will take some time. To be on the safer side, My Virginia Beach Locksmith can help you install master keys systems such that you’ll be having one key for all your locks. If you happen to lose the key, you will only need to have one key made which will not only save you time but also money.

We have a team of professionals who can have all your keys copied

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To be on the safer side when we lose our keys, it is always advisable to make several copies and have our trusted friends or relatives keep them for us. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we have been in the key duplication business for long and thus we know what it entails. Whether you want to have your house keys, car keys or even office keys copied, we have the right tools and experts to help you in that regard. If we can’t do it, then don’t look for it anywhere else because it’s inexistent.

Have your locks rekeyed by our technicians at a budget

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Has someone used your keys to illegally access your house? To prevent this from recurring, you need to either change your locks or rekey them. Changing them might be a good option; however it can be costly as compared to rekeying. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we have locksmiths who know the art of changing the pins within a lock such that only new keys can open it. To have your locks rekeyed by one of our technicians, call as today. You can also request for a free quote.
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