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Call us for your ASAP locksmith needs in Virginia Beach. Lockout can leave you panicked and in desperate need of help. Even if you are not aware of it yet but most homes have security system installed to keep intruders out. When you do not know the lock code or if you cannot easily remember the numerical combination then calling a professional locksmith may be your only option. As an ASAP locksmith Virginia Beach, we understand that every time you call us is not just an emergency. But also a regular call and so we do not charge extra when we come to service your home. That’s why My Virginia Beach Locksmith has made this article detailing what information our customers usually provide when they call us. So that you know what to expect before calling us.

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What Information Do You Need to Provide When Calling an ASAP Locksmith in Virginia Beach?

Our ASAP locksmith Virginia Beach needs to know the basic information about your homes, such as the name of the house and any details about the building such as the address and number of the unit. We also need to know what type of lock system you install at your home and if the issue is with your deadbolt, knob, or keypad. At the same time, we need to know if the security system has been tampered with. However, if you are sure everything is fine. You just want us to change the lock cylinder then you do not need to mention this.

ASAP Locksmith Virginia Beach: Are You Sure You Have Locked Your Doors and Windows Properly?

It is easy to confuse the lock on your door with another lock on your home. This can cause the deadbolt on your door to go down when it should be locked. It can also cause the lock on your window to go down when it should be locked. So, when you call us make sure that you are certain that all the locks at your home are properly locked. We as an ASAP locksmith Virginia Beach service also need to know if there are any intruders who might have sneaked inside your home. If there are then you may have to stay inside and call us from another room.

What Type of Lock System is Installed at Your Home?

The type of lock system installed at your home will determine the type of lock we can use. For example, if your home has a knob lock system, we can use a keypad to unlock it. However, if your home has a deadbolt system, we can only open it with a key. Also, if you have a keyless system then this is what we need to know. We also need to know what type of pins your lock has. This is important because it will let us know if we need to buy a new lock if it is not compatible with our tools.

Is the Issue with Your Deadbolt, Knob, or Keypad?

If the issue is with your deadbolt, then what type of pins it has will determine if we can change it. The most common types of deadbolts in Virginia Beach are u-shaped, rounded, and keyed. Round and u-shaped deadbolts are easy to change with our tools and we can open keyed deadbolts with special keypads that we sell. If the issue is with your keypad, then we will have to know this information so that we can change it on the system.

If the issue is with your key, then we can just use our knowledge of lock systems to open your door. ASAP locksmith Virginia Beach experts can also use our key extractor to remove the pins from your lock and open it. However, if the issue is with your knob, then we can just use our tools to turn it and open your door. Call our locksmith Virginia Beach, VA.

How Do You Feel About our ASAP Locksmith Virginia Beach Services?

You should not just pick a locksmith from a phone book or pick one at random. You should pick a company you can trust and one that has a great reputation. In addition, you should pick a locksmith that has great services and rates in Virginia Beach. It may take some time and effort to do this but it will be worth it. When you pick us, you can rest easy knowing that My Virginia Beach Locksmith is the best.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, fully equipped, and we arrive with the necessary tools and equipment. We also have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and our clients love our key locksmith Virginia Beach services and rates in Virginia Beach, VA. So, when you pick us to come to your aid, you will not just be helping yourself. But you will be helping many others as well. Call our mobile locksmith Virginia Beach services.

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