Auto Key Replacement is a Good Option for Damaged Keys!

If you are looking for a reliable auto key replacement locksmith to help you with your broken lock, deadbolt, or other auto key issue, you’ve come to the right place. We replace car keys in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are expert auto mechanics who can quickly diagnose your vehicle’s issues using only the most basic tools for lock repairs. Car keys are an important part of every car. They let you get in and out of the car, start the engine, and control things like the air conditioner and power windows.

If you have broken lock and lost your keys, finding a local locksmith who specializes in replacing it can be difficult. My Virginia Beach Locksmith sells a wide range of cheap car locks and locksmith tools, which is a good thing. If you lose your old set of car keys, stolen, you’ll need a new set.

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What is a Car Key?

A car key is the device that opens automobile locks, allowing access to cars and trucks. Many car keys contain a microchip that stores information about the owner. The chip is typically embedded in the key’s plastic tip, making copies impossible. If you lose your old set of car keys, you’ll need a new set. You can perform new key programming with your electronic car key lock so that it can unlock the doors or turn on the engine.

How to Perform an Auto Key Replacement

  • Install the new key and turn the ignition to “on.
  • Insert the new key into the ignition and turn it to “on.”
  • Close the driver’s door.
  • Open the passenger’s door and place your key into the door lock.
  • The new key should open the lock and allow you to enter the vehicle.
  • Shut and lock the car door.
  • Remove the key from the door lock.
  • If the key fits a different vehicle, you will need to change the key on that vehicle, too.

Common Auto Key Problems That Need Replacement

Deadbolt: This is the mechanism that controls the door handle. If this component of the lock fails, you will be unable to unlock the door from the inside.

Cylinder: This is the part of the lock that slides into the doorframe and keeps the lock from opening. When you want to replace the frame, you will need a new cylinder.

Hinges: The hinges are the parts of the door that allow it to move and open.

Lock: The lock is the part of the mechanism that makes the connection between the key and the object being locked.

Keyway: The keyway is the slot in the key that makes physical contact with the lock.

Latch: This is the part of the lock that makes physical contact with the object being locked.

Mortise: The mortise is the connection between the lock and the key. If you lose this connection, you will need a new key.

Rotation: The rotation is the mechanism that makes the lock connect to the key.

Steering mechanism: The steering mechanism is the link between the key and the rotation of the lock.

Tumbler: The tumbler is the part of the lock that contacts the key.

If any part of your lock or auto key breaks, you must replace it immediately!

Why Should You Trust us for Auto Key Replacement?

We are a family-owned locksmith service in Virginia Beach that has been in operation for years. We have a large selection of locks and keys, as well as locksmith gear. Professionals have locks to suit every requirement and budget. We can open your automobile door, replace a key, create a key, or repair a broken lock. Hire us for replacing lost car keys My Virginia Beach Locksmith also provides low-cost lock installation, lock maintenance, and lockset upgrading services. Our specialists have years of expertise and deliver high-quality service at reasonable prices. In addition, we are BBB accredited for your lost car key replacement.

Prices for Auto Key Replacement

Our prices for auto key replacement are very affordable. We offer lowest prices for all key replacement services. We are committed to providing excellent service at an affordable price. Our prices include parts, labor, and locksmith tools.

We offer estimates on all services and parts. Our experts have a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the best fit for your budget and needs. We accept all major credit cards, and we offer payment plans if you need to pay in installments. Contact us now.

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