My Virginia Beach Locksmith - Master Keys and Transponders

Keyless entry systems have become quite common to most car owners nowadays. However, technical glitches on the microchips found in these keys can render them useless and ineffective. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we can make new transponder keys and or reprogram already existing ones to make them more secure. We have the latest software required to program and reprogram these keys. If you have lost your car’s keys or would like to have another copy of the same, we do key replacement and duplication at affordable rates.

Want to install master key systems? We can help

Do you have a bunch of keys? What would happen if you lost all these keys at once? You will definitely lose access to many places at once. This can easily cripple all your activities considering that to have all these keys made will take some time. To be on the safer side, My Virginia Beach Locksmith can help you install master keys systems such that you’ll be having one key for all your locks. If you happen to lose the key, you will only need to have one key made which will not only save you time but also money.

We have a team of professionals who can have all your keys copied

To be on the safer side when we lose our keys, it is always advisable to make several copies and have our trusted friends or relatives keep them for us. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we have been in the key duplication business for long and thus we know what it entails. Whether you want to have your house keys, car keys or even office keys copied, we have the right tools and experts to help you in that regard. If we can’t do it, then don’t look for it anywhere else because it’s inexistent.

Have your locks rekeyed by our technicians at a budget

Has someone used your keys to illegally access your house? To prevent this from recurring, you need to either change your locks or rekey them. Changing them might be a good option; however it can be costly as compared to rekeying. At My Virginia Beach Locksmith, we have locksmiths who know the art of changing the pins within a lock such that only new keys can open it. To have your locks rekeyed by one of our technicians, call as today. You can also request for a free quote.